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Is the Externship Better than the Internship

Interning is a culture that we can all relate to at some point. It’s a work experience that can net you valuable skills that you can take to just about any job, even if you don’t stay in the field very long. As an intern, you’re considered to be at the start of your career […]

Investment careers

Investment careers – what skills are needed?

If you think you’ve got what it takes for a career in investment, you’re coming in at an exciting time. However, don’t be under any illusions: today’s investment world is exhilarating and challenging, but it’s also immensely complex and highly specialised. It’s not an easy sector to master. Twenty years ago, most employers in the […]


Tackling the skills gap in the UK: how can we sustain the engineering boom?

You don’t have to be a professor of aeronautics or a trainspotter to appreciate the great contribution that the UK has made to engineering down the centuries. The world’s fastest car was made in Coventry in 1997, the steepest funicular railway is in Hastings, Britain’s deepest and highest canal tunnel is the Standedge Tunnel, built […]

creative writing

Refine Your Writing without Hassles and Stress – Here’s How

Great writing doesn’t happen by accident. Nor does great writing happen just because you have an idea. The world is filled with many ideas, but that doesn’t mean that ideas turn automatically into action. Be sure that when you decide to push forward that you’re thinking about how to become better, rather than expecting your […]

Turning your passion into a successful business: is it possible?

While it is entirely possible to turn your passion into a business, there is a lot to consider in order to make it happen. Get a reality check The reality of turning your passion into a business might be a lot different from what you have pictured in your mind. There is a big difference […]


Don’t Let New Year’s Resolution Thinking Infect Your Education!

There’s a running joke when it comes to New Year’s resolutions: set them with your buddies, but don’t think too much of them. After all, its’ not like you’ll accomplish any of your resolutions anyway. It’s a common joke but that doesn’t mean that we think it’s super funny. We have a lot of work […]

Practical and stylish eyecare advice for students

Caring for your eyes is important under any circumstances and at every stage of life. As a student, your eyes are deprived of rest, subjected to lots of computer screen time and close work, as well as being  bombarded by germs, dust and allergens encountered every day. The result can be an endless cycle of  […]

Understanding business equity for prospective entrepreneurs

It is important that prospective entrepreneurs fully understand the concept of business equity. Running a business can be a complex process, and while many entrepreneurs have excellent business ideas and make brilliant salespeople, it is common for entrepreneurs to struggle with managing the financial and investment side of a business. Almost every business requires capital […]

Designing a productive study space

Whether it’s a place to revise for final exams, an area to read and absorb or simply to write essays, a study space has to deliver in a number of areas. To make a workspace productive, the design and layout should be well thought through. Follow these tips for a successful study space to help […]

Business Writing

Nine Tools to Make Your Business Writing Perfect

Business writing may involve private communications between staff and may stretch to your global advertising. Ideally, you need it to be correct, and you should be aware that big mistakes might have a lasting negative effect on your reputation. Things can go viral faster than a politician can play down drug offenses, so it is […]