After graduation – where to next?

Each year thousands of graduates are released into the world to seek their fortunes. The final year in most universities can be a stressful one for students. Other than concentrating on their grades, these soon-to-be-graduates have to start thinking of their journey beyond university. In most instances, this involves endless soul-searching and decision-making, interspersed with moments of doubt and panic.

The question of where to go next after graduation puzzles numerous students. It is important for those in this situation to know that the decisions they make only mark a starting point in their respective journeys. Those decisions are not set in stone and individuals can opt to change careers and follow other paths whenever they wish.

It is also crucial for fresh graduates to remember that every field provides diverse study and employment options. The possibilities are almost endless and keep increasing with each passing year. The best thing to do is to keep an open mind and to make plans that are flexible enough to accommodate any eventuality.

what is next after graduation

Deciding on what to do

These simple steps can help students who are about to graduate to decide on what to do after completing their studies.

  1. First individuals should define what they want out of their careers and lives.

This involves being clear on what skills and knowledge they have and how they can use this to further their careers. This step will help the individual to be clear about the career path they want to pursue.

  1. Make a list of all options available to help achieve the career goals identified in step one.

The business market nowadays has expanded globally and there are plenty of opportunities for fresh graduates. They can choose to volunteer in their countries or overseas in order to gain relevant experience. This option can also open more career doors in the future. Alternatively, graduates can opt to secure any jobs they can find while waiting for the right opportunities to come up. The key thing here is to make a list of all viable alternatives, no matter how farfetched they may appear.

  1. Conducting a review of the identified options.

During this stage, individuals go through the options they had listed and select those they feel they can work on. Fresh graduates should not limit themselves to finding employment only within their countries. There is a growing demand for well-trained graduates all over the world.

Some of the promising emerging markets offering possibilities for employment abroad include China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria. In fact, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa, Tunde Folawiyo, grew his empire by investing in the emerging West African market.

  1. Take the necessary action.

The best-laid plans are useless unless they are acted on. The final stage in deciding what to do after university is taking action. Graduates need to take the necessary steps to realize their dreams. This may involve launching their start-up businesses or applying for jobs.

A good plan of action is invaluable for those graduates who wish to make the most of their lives beyond university.