Make Your High School years count: Building Your future from the Bottom

High school is a time when you embrace life and challenge yourself for future endeavors. The next stage in life involves attending college. The right college improves your chances of securing the career of your choice. The concern many high school students have with making the leap into college is getting into the college of their choice, instead of the college that chooses them. Acceptance into the right college involves more than just great grades and test scores. You want to meet the requirements of entry, but set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants. Applicants build a personal resume highlighting your accomplishments and displaying your talent, skills and abilities.

Build your Resume

Your high school resume consists of more than just a list of academic achievements such as grade point average, SAT scores and advanced placement classes. Your resume allows the admissions department to see the real you. Considering colleges are highly selective, you need to highlight the most significant accomplishments of your high school career. Did you go on a volunteer abroad trip? Include that in your resume! Highlight the accomplishments that are unique and highlight individual passions. The theme of your resume is what makes you, you.


Your path into your college of choice begins with research. What does the college offer you and how does the college help you achieve your goals? Attending big name universities is great for a job application, but if the school does not focus on your individual growth potential, the school is not the ideal choice. Review what college admission representatives want out of applicants. Not every school looks for potential applicants with academic achievements; schools want individuals who challenge themselves, think outside the norm and offer something more to the college.

Narrowing the Search

Applying to a dozen colleges does not increase your options; in fact, it could hurt your chances of being accepted. Colleges want the best of the best. Over-applying to colleges shows a lack of commitment. You no longer have the ability to comprise a genuine and authentic application. Your words tend to be meaningless. You want to be an exceptional applicant at a handful of schools verses a mediocre applicant at several schools.

Visit the Campus

What a college puts on paper is different from what you see in person. Visiting a campus provides a real-world experience. You have the opportunity to embrace the culture, network with teachers and peers as well as gain exposure to the college environment.

Financial Aid

Paying for college is a challenge. Learn the available ways to finance your college experience. Read about applying for financial aid. Study the requirements of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and see if you meet the requirements. Find applicable scholarships matching your particular skill set, cultural background and family financial situation. There are several ways to finance college; you just have to do the research.

Getting into the right college is the stepping-stone to future growth potential in the real world. The college application process starts now. Build your resume. Let college admissions know who you are and how you stand out from the rest of the pack.