Nine Tools to Make Your Business Writing Perfect

Business writing may involve private communications between staff and may stretch to your global advertising. Ideally, you need it to be correct, and you should be aware that big mistakes might have a lasting negative effect on your reputation. Things can go viral faster than a politician can play down drug offenses, so it is better air on the side of over-caution rather than flippancy.

1 –

This is a fantastic spelling and grammar checker. It wasn’t even created by a communication corporation. It was created by programmer that simply kept adding to it until it became a well-polished spelling and grammar checker. It does not use the same database as Ginger or Microsoft, so it can catch many of the mistakes that other services miss.

2 –

This company offers a very good proofreading team. They will help you maintain your company prestige through avoiding grammatical errors. This company gets a mention because you can also give specific instructions to editors to fix your work in specific ways. As a side note, if you are struggling to get your business writing done, then they do offer a writing service.

Business Writing

3 –

This is a tool you can download to create a distraction free working environment. It may help you get your business writing done as well as the rest of your business work. It is especially good for helping you proofread because we often become more susceptible to distraction when we are proofreading. This tool is attached to a blog with an absent blogger, so get the tool whilst it is still online.

4 –

For a start, they are able to write your entire piece for you. You may need your audio notes typed up, or you may need a sales letter writing to your biggest client. This company has so many writers with different backgrounds that they can find someone perfect for every job you give them. They will also proofread your work for you too, which is going to avoid some of the easier to miss mistakes you make.

5 –

There are so many times when you find yourself needing capital letters instead of lower case, or vice versa, and it often means retyping the content. This happens a lot when copywriting as some pieces need the same words in capital letters. That is why this tool makes your life easier because you just have it convert the words into upper or lower case on its own.

6 –

This is a whiteboard tool you can use to workshop ideas. It is not a bad tool to use if you are brainstorming ideas for your business writing. It is also good for collaborative efforts where you are all throwing ideas into the pot at the same time. One of the best features about it is that you need not log in if you do not wish, which means you can start a whiteboard session a lot quicker.

7 –

When you write a lot of business copy, you find yourself repeating yourself by accident. It can happen anywhere, from your department letters to your Meta data in your website. You can compare two documents with this tool to see if there are differences between the text and find places where there are chunks of copied text. There are times when you have to come up with various descriptions for the same type of product. You can put the original in one section of the tool and all the alternative descriptions in the other section and then check to see which of the new descriptions match the original one a little too closely.

8 –

Enter one or two sentences into the tool and click to get your inspiration. It comes up with a bunch of results that you can use to start your business writing. It should only act as inspiration because you will not get very far if you copy its suggestions verbatim.

9 –

Do not have the lexicon to help you connect with different demographics? Use the urban dictionary to help you come up with business writing that will connect with different people. The urban dictionary is even better for translating what people are trying to say to you. You can look up words and phrases that you do not know because they appeared on TV shows you do not watch.

About the author:

Veronica May is the freelance writer and private tutor for college students who want to write better and correctly.