Practical and stylish eyecare advice for students

Caring for your eyes is important under any circumstances and at every stage of life. As a student, your eyes are deprived of rest, subjected to lots of computer screen time and close work, as well as being  bombarded by germs, dust and allergens encountered every day. The result can be an endless cycle of  eyestrain and fatigue leading to dry, itchy eyes and even eye diseases such as conjunctivitis.

If you wear corrective lenses, caring for your eyes becomes even more important. The stress, strain, dryness and irritants are compounded when you have a contact lens sitting on your cornea, and your eyes can become damaged very quickly. Caring properly for your eyes while at school, and taking advantage of the convenience, safety and style of wearing contacts, will help to keep your eyes healthy and your outlook good.

contacts lenses for students

College life and your eyes

The college years are fast-paced and full and, like many students, you may find yourself overdoing things both at study and at play. The effects of spending too many nights writing, or sitting before a computer screen, can result in your eyes becoming very strained. The glare from a computer screen, or a poorly-lit workspace, can also fatigue the eyes and even do long-term damage. Outside of class and study-time, college life can subject the eyes to a number of irritants. Alcohol, smoke and a wide range of bacteria can make the eyes extremely vulnerable to harm.

The key to helping your eyes survive the college experience is to maintain healthy habits and foster some new ones. Being careful to keep your hands clean and to avoid touching your eyes is very important. Take regular breaks from anything that may strain the eyes. Just a few seconds of looking away from he computer screen or written page every twenty minutes or so can make a big difference. Try to get plenty of sleep and avoid pollutants and other irritants, such as alcohol, that can make the eyes subject to fatigue.

Advantages of contacts lenses for students

Contact lenses are a very sensible option for college students. Unlike glasses, which can be easily broken and difficult to replace quickly, contacts can be purchased in volume so that the possibility of needing to go without being able to see clearly is eliminated. Contact lenses also encourage you to be more consistent in caring for your eyes and your general health while at school. Even if you use daily disposables, the task of cleaning your lenses periodically, and using moistening drops, will keep the condition and health of your eyes constantly in your thoughts, helping you to avoid circumstances that could damage your lenses, your eyes and even your general health. Contact lenses also give you the advantage of correcting your vision completely. Short of having Lasix surgery on the eye, contact lenses are the most effective way to correct both your central vision and peripheral vision.

Contact lenses are a practical choice for students for a variety of reasons, including their convenience, stylishness and availability.